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  1. Calvin Napier

    Calvin Napier

    17 ore fa

    Please bring Al back to the show! He was one cool dude! The story line could be when they tried to kill him, he went into witness protection! 👍

  2. Alicia Abbott

    Alicia Abbott

    17 ore fa

    I'm not happy so I finally got to watch the flash season 7 just to find my favorite character's die that sucks

  3. Mashaal Tarar

    Mashaal Tarar

    17 ore fa


  4. reezy.


    17 ore fa

    Seeing all this people (3 years ago) being exited for it makes me smile. It really was a great series. Sad that it’s over now but we all had a great time watching it.

  5. William Cool

    William Cool

    17 ore fa

    Good job CW

  6. Elmer Figuesmokes

    Elmer Figuesmokes

    17 ore fa

    People saying he's like Homelander when in reality it's based off Injustice. This looks exactly like Injustice Superman

  7. Muz A

    Muz A

    17 ore fa

    SEASON 5 IS SOOO BAD!!!!!!!

  8. Muz A

    Muz A

    17 ore fa

    Season 5 is absolute garbage

  9. Hani


    17 ore fa

    I’m I the only how is waiting for baby Nora

  10. PrinceBrissy


    17 ore fa

    That Nano-Tech suit is TERRIBLE why would you do that he's The Flash

  11. Jayden Morse

    Jayden Morse

    17 ore fa

    What happened to penelope

  12. GD - 01SR 921075 Shaw PS

    GD - 01SR 921075 Shaw PS

    17 ore fa

    Superman and Lois is like man of steel

  13. Glory Osondu

    Glory Osondu

    17 ore fa

    Ohh did not c diz coming 🤔 drama Crockett an will

  14. Katja Golden

    Katja Golden

    17 ore fa

    Who else thinks Catherine Zeta-Jones is working in the prison to 1) either get back at a prisoner or 2) do something evil herself???

  15. Trell Smith

    Trell Smith

    17 ore fa

    I think it’s gone be that lil dude that been begging to kick it with fatback and Leon that’s gone die it’s not Leon cuz Wanda warned him they was coming and I think that was enough for him to get undercover Wanda not dieing either cuz she on the other side of the street I think Wanda gone get cleaned up and Leon gone help her do it

  16. Chigy Cepeda

    Chigy Cepeda

    18 ore fa

    This actually looks good, I hope it doesn’t go woke and become lame. Going to start watching.

  17. Drippy Vibez

    Drippy Vibez

    18 ore fa

    I missed the flash

  18. LEOZN FF


    18 ore fa

    Essa temporada promete

  19. ミ• Hi, Rantaro! •ゞ

    ミ• Hi, Rantaro! •ゞ

    18 ore fa

    Never make her angry

  20. Kyle Taylor

    Kyle Taylor

    18 ore fa

    So this is a combination of Lex Luther and Bloodsport

  21. Kathy Huse

    Kathy Huse

    18 ore fa

    Didn't see last 15 minutes of New Amsterdam 1st episode. What happened to the pilot

  22. D Of

    D Of

    18 ore fa

    S4 is kinda weak so far, most badass warriors on the planet acting like a bunch of nancies

  23. Brent Miller

    Brent Miller

    18 ore fa

    Jordan kind of reminds me of the kid from Brightburn the movie about an evil Superman. Plus he mainfested his heat vision in anger. So maybe he is a Superman who will go evil.

  24. tobimx70


    18 ore fa

    Two machos un action?...😂😂

  25. Josh's Channel

    Josh's Channel

    18 ore fa

    He just doesnt look like Superman. And idk whats going on with those shoulder pads.

  26. Aleone40


    18 ore fa

    Things r heating up! 🔥lol 😂

  27. rikson salazar

    rikson salazar

    18 ore fa

    this is better than supergirl, this i will watch.

  28. kOca


    18 ore fa

    Its weird. It's awkward. It's funny. It's everything we need right now.

  29. Rhian Williams

    Rhian Williams

    18 ore fa

    Brilliant so looking forward

  30. zed.k.


    18 ore fa

    Ian top energy shows and im here for it

  31. Twundemic


    18 ore fa

    Say word???

  32. Pers Godiva

    Pers Godiva

    18 ore fa

    I cried just at that "Liv" like ... omg I'm not ready

  33. LUCIAN2731


    18 ore fa

    Bring back Connor!!!

  34. Tybor Vasas

    Tybor Vasas

    18 ore fa

    so did anyone notice how Barry looks more like Wells now in the thumbnail with glasses on?

  35. Jedi Exile

    Jedi Exile

    18 ore fa

    If this goes Crime and Punishment way... I'm all in.

  36. SaltzmanTwins Winchester

    SaltzmanTwins Winchester

    18 ore fa

    Omg the shade at Matt its deserved tbf he needs to fight for Brett like come on decide!

  37. TxMamaBear85


    18 ore fa


  38. Ileana Duenas

    Ileana Duenas

    18 ore fa

    i love this show.

  39. TheRavenOak


    18 ore fa

    He thinks he's a hero that's what makes him dangerous

  40. ShakespeareanWannabe


    18 ore fa

    Tbh Crockett deserves better so I’m okay if Will is swooping in

  41. SnappingTurtle801


    18 ore fa

    First thought, cousin of Fringe?



    18 ore fa

    Good show 👏

  43. Carolina Marq.

    Carolina Marq.

    18 ore fa


  44. RobTheGreat '97

    RobTheGreat '97

    18 ore fa

    coop making me mad yoo

  45. Neo Luvhimbi

    Neo Luvhimbi

    18 ore fa

    Each 😭😭😭season 😭🤧keeps getting better and better😭😭😭😭 Im crying cause im overwhelmed

  46. D. White

    D. White

    18 ore fa

    THis show is still going? Jesus

  47. Carmello Sanders

    Carmello Sanders

    18 ore fa


  48. David Devine

    David Devine

    18 ore fa

    So we’ve just watched the entire series or every season there going to make, (it will be cancelled after the first one) in 4 minutes!, no real point watching it now as we know what’s going to happen, pointless!.

  49. RobTheGreat '97

    RobTheGreat '97

    18 ore fa

    i understand coop hurt. but you see why bruh feel the way he does. how tf can i say your family and shit but let you self destruct

  50. the R.E.A.L Channel

    the R.E.A.L Channel

    18 ore fa


  51. Vale Perni

    Vale Perni

    18 ore fa

    Crockett and Will's fight!! I 💖it!!😅😂

  52. Tyler Richardson

    Tyler Richardson

    18 ore fa

    Atwater has been through but you cant play the race card on ur partner after 8 year cmon Kevin

  53. Angel Donoghue

    Angel Donoghue

    18 ore fa

    Alan cumming having a british accent is worse

  54. Aldrin Montesa

    Aldrin Montesa

    18 ore fa

    wow theres no episode yet that jordan does'nt yell at his parents ;-)

  55. N3TH


    18 ore fa

    0:23 Iris is back lol

  56. NextupFrosty 23

    NextupFrosty 23

    18 ore fa

    imagine spencer ask liv to be his girl spelivia will be in peace!!!!]

  57. Konstantinos Sidiropoulos

    Konstantinos Sidiropoulos

    18 ore fa

    i think he is superman from injustice

  58. Teresa Lin

    Teresa Lin

    18 ore fa

    Georgie: If thats what pizaaz meank i like it Me: lol This is my family's favorite tv show

    • Nick Hill

      Nick Hill

      18 ore fa

      My favorite to.

  59. Mary Martini

    Mary Martini

    18 ore fa

    50 TON GUN in the spiritworld SAY FUCKIN A

  60. Sami Saleh

    Sami Saleh

    18 ore fa

    Two episodes in and i'm already just tired of the show simply bc of how much of a bitch Jordan is.. Dude whines about Clark so much. Clark needs to send him to "Bruce Wayne's house" for a little weekend getaway.

  61. Md Zahid Alam

    Md Zahid Alam

    18 ore fa

    Looks really good.

  62. Burnt Toaster

    Burnt Toaster

    18 ore fa

    Can they stop showing drive bys. They spoiling too much

  63. aqua-_- doxx

    aqua-_- doxx

    18 ore fa

    Can we all have a minute os silence for all the Harrison Wells 😔

  64. sam ellenport

    sam ellenport

    18 ore fa

    I’ve never seen anybody get in Casey’s face like that

  65. Aswin Srirajan

    Aswin Srirajan

    18 ore fa

    it just released on netflix go watch it

  66. EL David

    EL David

    19 ore fa

    metallo? :D

  67. Andy C

    Andy C

    19 ore fa

    The writers are garbage. Season 3- build up to iris's death all season. Then use a wells death as a fix. Season 6- build up to barry losing his speed all season. Then use wells's death as a fix How many times have they killed wells off just to have a different version appear a few episodes later and then get rid off them at the end of the season. Never known any show reuse the same plot so much.

  68. Simone Beatriz

    Simone Beatriz

    19 ore fa

    Esperando anciosa👏👏👏🇧🇷🇧🇷

  69. Gmony Thompson

    Gmony Thompson

    19 ore fa

    Is that iris Doppelgänger

  70. Inesha Dixon

    Inesha Dixon

    19 ore fa


  71. Konrad Niewiadomski

    Konrad Niewiadomski

    19 ore fa

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  72. ayeeethatsdeee !!

    ayeeethatsdeee !!

    19 ore fa

    Dean come with me to the back please *slowly drowns him in the hot tub* 😂

  73. Thamar Miguel

    Thamar Miguel

    19 ore fa

    I had never present in english

  74. Andy C

    Andy C

    19 ore fa

    Season 1- barry loses his speed to a meta. Wells/thawne dies. Season 2- a new wells arrives, barry loses his speed to zoom, wells leaves. Season 3- barry leaves flash point because he's losing his speed. H.R joins the team. Full season builds up to iris's death, then instead they kill H.R. Season 4- barry loses his speed to iris, season 2 wells returns and leaves again. Season 5- sherlock wells joins, barry loses his speed nearly every episode to cicadas dagger. Season 6- mostly about barry losing his speed, Nash arrives.... Last night episode was basically still season 6... and what is the writers solutions to get barry his speed back... kills wells 🤣

  75. Marketing101


    19 ore fa

    i love coffee 😂 but again who dosnt 😁

  76. Fahmy Magdy

    Fahmy Magdy

    19 ore fa

    0:07 huh

  77. Cathy Sacco

    Cathy Sacco

    19 ore fa

    Not liking this storyline!

  78. ModerndayIbarra 9

    ModerndayIbarra 9

    19 ore fa

    Stupid kind of advertising,not giving the trailer of the show directly