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  1. jujutsu bizen

    jujutsu bizen

    6 ore fa

    Wit would their son be superboy from young justice

  2. MizzReed19


    6 ore fa

    This charmed looks terrible

  3. AJ121401 JJ

    AJ121401 JJ

    6 ore fa

    I'm a progressive,but not sure comic book lore should be rewritten for the sake of simply being more diverse. Has their ever been a black Batgirl? I guess in a generation or to nobody will know the original lore anyway. Our history is be rewritten in order to be politically correct



    6 ore fa

    When she does for fun lol 😆😆

  5. Zackery Crouch

    Zackery Crouch

    6 ore fa

    Yay. Finally over. I checked out when he was a pulled over "again" because some gas station owner thought he was the one who robbed her...despite it heavily raining, it being at night and he was in a nice cadillac.....

  6. Ethereal Dweller

    Ethereal Dweller

    6 ore fa


  7. Frederico V Nunes

    Frederico V Nunes

    6 ore fa

    Mais uma serie que vai ser cancelada.

  8. ozayevable


    6 ore fa

    Dear god, no wonder tiktok is full of underage girls twerking 24/7. Their brain is being filled with this kind of crap.

  9. Sawyer Ross

    Sawyer Ross

    6 ore fa

    They better not let the flash have more season than arrow. Arrow can never be beaten

  10. juan roa

    juan roa

    6 ore fa

    I loved the fact Ryan was willing to kill Alice, also being an Ex convict from Blackgate she probably gaina lot of enemies there, that simple fact makes her more bad ass than the rich spoiled boys of Kate and Bruce and that's the truth .

  11. ractsninjas


    6 ore fa

    Awful ending, great 4 seasons then they throw this Garbage at us.

  12. Jareth The Goblin King

    Jareth The Goblin King

    6 ore fa

    Sophie didn't know about the ambush and that breakup although messed up, Sophie made the right call

  13. Dancer Men

    Dancer Men

    6 ore fa

    Девушки канешно красивые но танец просто ужас движения из стриптиза

  14. Santosh Kumar

    Santosh Kumar

    6 ore fa

    Honestly this season has been boring so far

  15. Rim Aya

    Rim Aya

    6 ore fa

    أحب أفلام شاغنادو

  16. G Money

    G Money

    6 ore fa

    OUCH OUCHHHHH damn my dude didn’t hold back

  17. Ross Harrell

    Ross Harrell

    6 ore fa

    Really? ........... *facepalm*

  18. Ricardo Aguirre Jr.

    Ricardo Aguirre Jr.

    6 ore fa

    This actually looks like a fucking show!!!

  19. Jacqueline Warren

    Jacqueline Warren

    6 ore fa

    Congratulations Kenan!

  20. Leonardo Demetrio Monzillo

    Leonardo Demetrio Monzillo

    6 ore fa

    Cavill is superman, what the heck is this?

  21. yoboi nicossman

    yoboi nicossman

    6 ore fa

    Bro they need to bring them back together

  22. Edrick Powell

    Edrick Powell

    6 ore fa

    Harry is a g.

  23. JMaster98


    6 ore fa

    Zsasz on Gotham was great. Let's see how this one stacks up

  24. JMaster98


    6 ore fa

    This season been good so far. Better then anticipated

  25. MeDaxX


    6 ore fa

    it's funny how Oliver Queen spend 8 years to save his city and yet i never saw one episode where the citizen were grateful to him... but batwoman gets to have that .. joke

  26. Otino Thomas

    Otino Thomas

    7 ore fa

    Will what is you doing

  27. Aleksandr Vashchenko

    Aleksandr Vashchenko

    7 ore fa

    рыжая отвал бошки

  28. Nick Savvas

    Nick Savvas

    7 ore fa

    Welcome everyone to clown Fiesta Season 2 Episode 3

  29. Tony P

    Tony P

    7 ore fa

    Gotham is the beggin of begging.

  30. Michelle Chang-Harris

    Michelle Chang-Harris

    7 ore fa

    Does anyone else ever wonder why Elizabeth always gets caught up in a decision with more than 1 suitor? Hope she marries Lucas! Remember what happened to Jack could happen with Nathan.

  31. Caner Aydın

    Caner Aydın

    7 ore fa

    Wow girls beautiful 💖👍

  32. shanae dennis

    shanae dennis

    7 ore fa

    I dnt really see Diaz tho

  33. lucariomew358/2


    7 ore fa

    Was kind of hoping for a trailer instead if a recap, that being said the recap perfectly sums up several of my issues. Season 1 had a better focus in the overarching plot for each episode was all over the place. S2 had a much better premise than S1, but was bogged by too much filler and the recycling plotlines-some of which were concluded in the prior episode, only to be rehashed again with no acknowledgement of the fact that they just resolved the issue.

  34. Mr. Bruh

    Mr. Bruh

    7 ore fa

    We all know this isnt gonna get a second season

  35. supervilla06


    7 ore fa

    The CW with another social justice abortion.

  36. Anon ymous

    Anon ymous

    7 ore fa

    Well, this just got more interesting. Sophie fighting Tatiana? I wonder who will win. The skill assassin or Sophie? And I wonder how Alice and Safiyah know each other. Did Safiyah train her or something? And Alice is a challenge for Ryan. She barely defeated her in that fight.

  37. Rok100 1

    Rok100 1

    7 ore fa

    I remember him from Road To Perdition with Tom Hanks. Dam time really flys!

  38. mitrooper


    7 ore fa


  39. JAiden A

    JAiden A

    7 ore fa

    yooo luke funny af😂😂😂😂😂

  40. Иван Рюрикович

    Иван Рюрикович

    7 ore fa

    Честно говоря какой то хлам. Красивые девочки, но танец очень посредственный.

  41. A. Mero

    A. Mero

    7 ore fa

    I do enjoy watching this show but I totally feel like it should be more- like it can be more than this. I mean how can we have a tribrid- a fucking TRIBRID and this - necromancer and a talking pig- is all we get? Come on people...give us more violence and magic!!😩😩

  42. James Green

    James Green

    7 ore fa

    TH seems pretty decent as a actor but me personally, I don't think he fits the part as Superman.

  43. Ryan Christopher McEwan

    Ryan Christopher McEwan

    7 ore fa

    Cw or not superman really needs to be written like superman not a heartless alien. At his heart Clark is a farm boy from small ville. That’s the superman I grew up with anyway.

  44. Shut Up

    Shut Up

    7 ore fa


  45. Bad Camp

    Bad Camp

    7 ore fa

    So they end this series but give batgirl a second season?

  46. Kenrick Bautista

    Kenrick Bautista

    7 ore fa

    You know, for a show like 'Black Lightning', I seriously hope it doesn't have a forced, sappy happy ending. Because 1) I really don't like happy endings that much anymore and 2) it's one of the most darkest, heaviest and action-packed shows ever made and all I really want is a sad, but honest ending

  47. Hawkerace


    7 ore fa

    Watched the blacklist. Made it half way through season 5 and stopped. Elizabeth's character is just unbearably annoying/toxic and poorly written.

  48. Tarantula


    7 ore fa

    Is that mask made out of cardboard. I also don't think plastic is gonna stop a bullet

  49. Fallofduty


    7 ore fa

    cancel this travesty

  50. Spideyfan127


    7 ore fa

    This some weird shit, Alice can’t perform a disappearing act like that. Although I think her hair looked better in this.

  51. Санёк с бородой

    Санёк с бородой

    7 ore fa

    YT recomended fap content... hmm nice(no)

  52. Anoop Kp

    Anoop Kp

    7 ore fa

    Aroke vanalm henry cavilnde that thaan tane irkm



    7 ore fa

    Sure, CW. End your best show in the Arrowverse but give Batwoman another season. Bunch of idiots.

  54. Guilherme Pera

    Guilherme Pera

    7 ore fa


  55. mamed nurdin

    mamed nurdin

    7 ore fa


  56. Ray Vincent

    Ray Vincent

    7 ore fa

    It looks more like a movie than a cheesy TV show, I like.

  57. Elvis Presley

    Elvis Presley

    7 ore fa

    Could have got girls who didn't have barge arses and cellulite.

  58. Luffythegoat 1.0

    Luffythegoat 1.0

    7 ore fa

    they still tryna show this trash on tv ight

  59. Leandro Gomes

    Leandro Gomes

    7 ore fa

    The kids born like a year ago how the hell are they already teens or is this happening years in the future?

  60. MRbossman1982


    7 ore fa

    Downvoting why? I’m red pill anti males getting married and really against super hero men getting married. Marriage turns men from alpha lions 🦁 into pussy house cats 🐈 no thanks.

  61. Fanie loves little Mix

    Fanie loves little Mix

    7 ore fa

    We need original Charmed not this crap reboot this is nonsense and I have never watch it

  62. greyknight8


    7 ore fa

    I enjoyed the soundtrack/music selections in Black Lightning. Every music choice had the right tone to set the scene or get you hyped.

  63. T. Rizbone

    T. Rizbone

    7 ore fa

    I can't believe they are canceling this show.

  64. Martavious Tisby

    Martavious Tisby

    7 ore fa


  65. Morgan4746


    7 ore fa

    Really Josh Stewart. Damn

  66. LxnnrtTHS30


    7 ore fa

    Man of Steel is way better

  67. Say What

    Say What

    7 ore fa

    I get the message they try to send with the racist Cop story but I think it's sometimes over the top with the conversations and the preaching. Love season 3 though❤

  68. Влад Зиневич

    Влад Зиневич

    7 ore fa

    Что за хрень

  69. 吳AU宏UB


    7 ore fa

    台灣人是殺人犯,每天24小時清泉岡空軍和台中國際機場的飛機3、4台在我家頭上飛,低空飛行(能是巡邏嗎?),開強電波,斷我家網路,使我家人和我無法正常睡眠,神經疲勞,睡十小時睡依然睡不飽,強度強到使我產生想要嘔吐,心臟疼痛,引起神經疼痛,還經常耳鳴,甚至還有其他的不良反應(例如:最差時痛到有時會胃疼,失去意識) 台灣的檢舉部門打數百通,沒用。領著薪水不工作

  70. Jean paul Joseph

    Jean paul Joseph

    7 ore fa

    Yo we need to cool Sophie of with the freeze gun

  71. Lucy Leigut

    Lucy Leigut

    7 ore fa

    Jajaj take that Sophie

  72. Meow Meow

    Meow Meow

    7 ore fa

    Why did I have to watch this 😩

  73. Sub Ninja

    Sub Ninja

    7 ore fa

    I definitely thought Luke was the one the break if he was interrogation but he’s good

  74. ngiw


    7 ore fa

    Crap, February 14th?

  75. Phillip Hutchinson

    Phillip Hutchinson

    8 ore fa

    What’s the song in the trailer? ‘The best is yet to come’ bit?

  76. country guy20

    country guy20

    8 ore fa

    Now let’s see how the other heroes react about Kate and the new batwoman

  77. Poop Scoop

    Poop Scoop

    8 ore fa

    So they replaced a straight black male with a gay black woman. Done with this shit

  78. Sebastián Regueira

    Sebastián Regueira

    8 ore fa

    I thought it was a comedy .... and it is ... in a sad way.

  79. oldskoolj23


    8 ore fa

    Why does this have to be the final season, this show should get six to eight seasons the most

  80. zeyphrBW sd

    zeyphrBW sd

    8 ore fa

    He’s right Jeff