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  1. Spyros Kesisoglou

    Spyros Kesisoglou

    4 minuti fa

    OMG on January 7th is actually my birthday, I couldn't ask for a better gift!!! But will he be back for only one episode??

  2. Jazzy Altham

    Jazzy Altham

    7 minuti fa

    Bruh if I don't see Mark and Lexie together forever Imma RIOT

  3. Kami Sensei

    Kami Sensei

    7 minuti fa

    Absolutely LOVED this series. Hate the fact that everyone judges this show just because of the trailer

  4. Kaitlyn Cleary

    Kaitlyn Cleary

    10 minuti fa

    I would love for Christina to come back. As a best friend this is so important to be there for her

  5. Freddy Tanguma

    Freddy Tanguma

    15 minuti fa

    Barba vs Carisi that’s going to be awesome but Raul Esparza character isn’t the only veteran returning 😏😏. There has been news that Christopher Meloni will return as Elliott in Law and Order SVU Season 22

  6. Ben williams

    Ben williams

    20 minuti fa

    What even bother show a promo for something that isn't coming till January. I allways hated how svu an the Chicago franchise have random breaks in between the season with no episodes just to drag out their seasons band make them longer

  7. Mrs Kanggun

    Mrs Kanggun

    22 minuti fa

    I love that Andrew is Mer's doctor. Still hoping for a Merluca endgame.

  8. No Lives Matter

    No Lives Matter

    27 minuti fa

    Not attractive. Can’t dance.

  9. Ariel Khan

    Ariel Khan

    27 minuti fa

    Omg it's coming out on my birthday

  10. kat lover

    kat lover

    28 minuti fa

    Can they kill Katherine

  11. kat lover

    kat lover

    30 minuti fa

    This girl played in bad seed,did. Anyone see it. I saw promos and she had dark hair .

  12. S. G.

    S. G.

    32 minuti fa

    Ooooou good idea!

  13. Brandon Naatz

    Brandon Naatz

    34 minuti fa

    Please get rid of Tom! It will open up screen time for the more likable characters especially if it’s most likely the final season!

  14. Nalberth Pierre

    Nalberth Pierre

    37 minuti fa

    all they need to do now is bring my baby nick back 😁😁

  15. Lucas M.

    Lucas M.

    46 minuti fa

    im here for Travis and Emmet, and we get some progress last episode

  16. Hatero


    47 minuti fa

    Я не хочу чтобы этот чудесный сериал заканчивался😿

  17. Linda Minor

    Linda Minor

    49 minuti fa

    I'm still mad at how they wrote him out. That was an awful script. glad he's back

  18. kat lover

    kat lover

    50 minuti fa

    Tom is going to die,I just know it.

  19. Rafael Tubig

    Rafael Tubig

    50 minuti fa

    When puberty hits

  20. smokinf150


    51 minuto fa

    Ready for this episode: since it is the official season four premiere, the firs two ep.s were the suppose to be the season 3 finale, with Hayes’ retirement from operating being the cliff hanger, but COVID canceled shooting till they could take the Meade needed to be safe, to Clay was looking for the self destruct button ever since she came back to Va. beach

  21. Brandon


    52 minuti fa

    This looks nothing like shameless

  22. Marih Spadin

    Marih Spadin

    52 minuti fa

    I love Riverdale very much 🖤😻

  23. Bryan


    54 minuti fa

    Worst casting of any season. Apart from John Carol Lynch and Emma Roberts

  24. Aysima Özdil

    Aysima Özdil

    55 minuti fa

    4. Sezonda sonra kötüleşti bellamy'le Clarke birbirlerini karşı çıktılar sonradan iyi olmaya çalışsalarda 7 Sezonda ne olduğunu gördük zaten octavia ayrı bir konu ve herşey maddie yüzünden oldu (7. Sezonu izleyenler bilir) 💔😭



    55 minuti fa

    Not even for free I will finish that show. Keep it

  26. Peter G

    Peter G

    56 minuti fa

    When is this series coming to E4 in the UK

  27. Charlotte


    Ora fa

    Who is she kissing?

  28. Ghetto Lisa

    Ghetto Lisa

    Ora fa

    Everyone wearing masks and shit... like goodbye.

  29. Onyx Cartier

    Onyx Cartier

    Ora fa

    I hope he’s only back for one episode. 😒

  30. Agnes Soballa

    Agnes Soballa

    Ora fa

    really? will be the whole season only about covid?

  31. patrick ibens

    patrick ibens

    Ora fa

    oh well, hollywood and plastic.......

  32. artuo villegas

    artuo villegas

    Ora fa

    I have a feeling that this season or the next we will see some or a lot of characters from the past return hopefully.

  33. bukon90


    Ora fa

    Yo how come no girls are offering blowjobs to Jake from State Farm for helping them out save all that money.

  34. Satrick Ptar

    Satrick Ptar

    Ora fa

    College students: We would like to buy your entire stack

  35. Ashleigh Hillier

    Ashleigh Hillier

    Ora fa


  36. KeatonMask


    Ora fa

    Literally all I care about is more Emily & Sue

  37. Melissa Kern

    Melissa Kern

    Ora fa

    Obviously I know Nolan will be cleared of all charges. I'm just hoping they all go to bat for him, especially Sgt. Grey.

  38. copshot akid

    copshot akid

    Ora fa

    Anyone remember fbi agent paige? 😍😘

  39. Nicole Buckmiller

    Nicole Buckmiller

    Ora fa

    Please Dick Wolf, let Barson be together !!!❤

  40. Jade Monroe

    Jade Monroe

    Ora fa

    Just please get rid of Owen and Teddy, I’m on the fence with Tom, Jackson needed a more interesting story line so cool, and baileys mom better be aight cuz I can’t see her go down and RICHARD BETTER NOT GET COVID

  41. el_karma 13

    el_karma 13

    Ora fa

    There is season 8

  42. Ariadne Frolich

    Ariadne Frolich

    Ora fa

    I swear I saw Cthulhu's tentacles at one point in this trailer. Did anyone else see them?

  43. bloup


    Ora fa

    i feel embarassed

  44. Unicorn Magic

    Unicorn Magic

    Ora fa

    Honey is a pervert !!!!!!!

  45. Jenny Vuorisalo

    Jenny Vuorisalo

    2 ore fa

    More Derek, please.

  46. Grey's Edits

    Grey's Edits

    2 ore fa

    Let's be honest, we're waiting the old cast of grey's.

  47. Saya Look

    Saya Look

    2 ore fa


  48. Drake_Ice7


    2 ore fa

    Finally!, I can't wait.

  49. Rebekka Nachbaur

    Rebekka Nachbaur

    2 ore fa

    So I guess they want to give us the WHOLE damn emotional rollercoaster huh? Why not....COME AND GET ME EMOTIONS I DARE YOU!!!

  50. Anthony Ivon_

    Anthony Ivon_

    2 ore fa


  51. Anime Freak

    Anime Freak

    2 ore fa

    Nope just no! No kate no watching. Done goodbye batwoman it was good while it lasted

  52. Camisha Vilme

    Camisha Vilme

    2 ore fa

    Man if you kill Tom and still keep Owen alive I’m going to be so mad 😡

  53. Lindsey Fleck

    Lindsey Fleck

    2 ore fa

    I like Tom he's always been upfront about his personality and doesn't pretend he's anything but what he is. I really would have liked a conversation with him and Derek

  54. Shadow 27

    Shadow 27

    2 ore fa

    Looking forward to this actually a new Batwoman almost like when Terry took over as Batman for Bruce.

  55. Natalia Wanga

    Natalia Wanga

    2 ore fa

    I don’t know you guys, but I don’t want Tom to die I really like him. His comments make me laugh.

  56. Kreepy Kitty

    Kreepy Kitty

    2 ore fa

    Just some Barisi content I beg

  57. KrystijaaJacksonn


    2 ore fa

    The hate for Tom in these comments is outrageous. I get he’s rude and arrogant but I definitely know that’s to cover up what’s underneath. He’s been hurt and he has developed a bullet proof vest as an outer shell at this point. People (me included) hated Alex too and then they loved him (not me) but to kill him off damn.

  58. Kenrick Bautista

    Kenrick Bautista

    2 ore fa

    Omg I truly love 'The Rookie'! Hands down one of my all-time favorites.

  59. Teal Chastain

    Teal Chastain

    2 ore fa

    A Barba-Carisi faceoff? Yes please! 😍

  60. Ava Cherubin

    Ava Cherubin

    2 ore fa

    I want to know when the flash is coming back. Ik it is in 2021, but I want to know when in 2021, tho.

  61. Xetro Blixzard

    Xetro Blixzard

    2 ore fa

    Bro I swear if Tom dies it going be sad

  62. UN- -Known

    UN- -Known

    2 ore fa

    NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO Shuester !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Daniel Mason

    Daniel Mason

    2 ore fa

    Why is Harper in cuffs!!!!! She's the best hardcore there is.



    3 ore fa

    Why would you live in a van

  65. julia bernardes

    julia bernardes

    3 ore fa

    Omg my batcat ❤❤❤❤❤ I love them

  66. Greg Redpill

    Greg Redpill

    3 ore fa

    I know how to get bravo right again.. Put Spencer to lead until Ray returns

  67. SDAWG


    3 ore fa

    Aubrey is a super talented actress and so she's extremely beautiful wow!

  68. Israel Luera

    Israel Luera

    3 ore fa

    I cried during this...

  69. Latina LeRock

    Latina LeRock

    3 ore fa

    Yesssss BARBA is BACK!!!

  70. Michelle Arguello

    Michelle Arguello

    3 ore fa


  71. joybell72


    3 ore fa

    I loved this episode and the dog wow,amazing

  72. ItsMeDado 22

    ItsMeDado 22

    3 ore fa

    When will it come out on German? Pls no answers like learn English. My English is okay but not special and when I watch something then I want to understand every word.

  73. Md Rony

    Md Rony

    3 ore fa

    0:37 my whole life changed because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  74. Mattie Cox

    Mattie Cox

    3 ore fa

    Crazy plot but I’m here for the good trans and poc representation

  75. Val Owl

    Val Owl

    3 ore fa

    ​@​ soundtrack - danger twins no prisoners

  76. Mary Olakigbe

    Mary Olakigbe

    3 ore fa

    I love Barba... But I don't know if I'm okay with him being a defense attorney

  77. Cameron Lewis

    Cameron Lewis

    3 ore fa

    I hope this isn’t permanent. Barba was one of the best ADA’s on the show. I hope he’s only doing this to test Carisi’s skills or something. First Judge Barth and now my Barba. I’m actually sad about him moving to the dark side. 😤😞

  78. Dilva Vargas

    Dilva Vargas

    3 ore fa

    Te la promocionam solo para los q hablaningles porqeria otra serie de mujer humillada maltratada por un miserable y cobarde infiel q ni come ni deja no le veo aporte uno qiere ver peluculas para relajarte y no estresarte y ver lo feo y malo q es la infidelidad q es de lo q se centra hoy el matrimonio para q se casan mujeres lagartonas q claro q se meten sino no existiera la infidelidad no le veo la enseñanza a esta pelicula morboso el escritor

  79. Michael


    3 ore fa

    Iron man said this is endgame so stfu about that line

  80. azucena4747


    3 ore fa

    Omg this whole promo is playing with my emotions!! I can't wait to see what happens, though I agree with everyone that they better not ruin his character.