Supernatural Season 15 "Socially Awkward Angel" Featurette (HD)

RICHARD SPEIGHT, JR. DIRECTS - With the plan in full motion, Sam (Jared Padalecki), Dean (Jensen Ackles), Castiel (Misha Collins) and Jack (Alexander Calvert) fight for the good of the common goal. Richard Speight, Jr. directed the episode written by Robert Berens (#1518). Original airdate 11/5/2020. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on ITput for more Supernatural season 15 promos in HD!
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» Starring: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins


  1. Tracy McGwier

    Tracy McGwier

    8 giorni fa

    Awesome video

  2. Ruth Depaul

    Ruth Depaul

    11 giorni fa

    Loved him as a angel so good

  3. Beatriz Moraes

    Beatriz Moraes

    20 giorni fa

    I'm here after episode 18.... I NEED HIM BACK

  4. The Fallen Angel

    The Fallen Angel

    20 giorni fa

    Goodbye Cass, we will remember you forever......

  5. Aizen Sosuke

    Aizen Sosuke

    21 giorno fa

    Well... we know why they made this now

  6. leonardo donati

    leonardo donati

    22 giorni fa

    What is the name of this song?

  7. Monoswita Sengupta

    Monoswita Sengupta

    22 giorni fa

    Once one of my friends said that Castiel is not good looking. I insulted him in 100 million different languages. Absolutely love Cas and can't see him die. Not ready yet.

  8. JessVision


    23 giorni fa

    I have so much love for Castiel and Misha has done a phenomenal job with him over the years, his evolution is really something. I pray he gets the good ending he deserves, although sadly I doubt it

  9. Jennifer Haining

    Jennifer Haining

    23 giorni fa

    "My ride's here" is one of my favorite lines of all time. Like when on earth has Cas ever called a car and who would he be with lol. That storyline where Sam and Cas were lying to Dean and that episode where Dean is figuring it out is equal parts devastating and hilarious.

  10. Charlotte Gratton

    Charlotte Gratton

    23 giorni fa

    I’m glad Misha decided to act Castiel as a socially awkward angel. I love Cas just the way he is and I wouldnkt want him any other way! 😇😇😇

  11. MI: 3

    MI: 3

    24 giorni fa

    I enjoyed the old Cas more, that's just me.

  12. Daniel Wells

    Daniel Wells

    24 giorni fa

    If angels were real, I'd hope they'd be way more like Castiel and much less like everyone else in that family.

  13. Shadowbreed


    25 giorni fa

    Cas loves phones as much as the actor that plays him.

  14. aline silva

    aline silva

    25 giorni fa

    Goodbye Cas...😢😢😢😲😱😵😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  15. Salvatore Tessio

    Salvatore Tessio

    26 giorni fa

    Liberals are subhuman.

  16. Namjoon's Dimples

    Namjoon's Dimples

    26 giorni fa

    i don’t want him to die. please...

  17. Sanne annelies

    Sanne annelies

    26 giorni fa

    My favorite angel!!❤❤😍😍 love Cas so much💖

  18. Kemika Ryan

    Kemika Ryan

    27 giorni fa

    cas is the best character on this show.

  19. Ali San

    Ali San

    27 giorni fa

    My favourite Angel.

  20. WasserLemone


    27 giorni fa

    Well...actually Gabriel was the first angel on the show...

  21. Elif Bilgin

    Elif Bilgin

    27 giorni fa

    "They (other angels) just came around and acted like normal people and suddenly my character as this wooden socially awkward angel was just a ... weird angel" I just love Misha 😂

  22. Adam Kaleo

    Adam Kaleo

    27 giorni fa

    well thought there gonna be a spinoff or something

  23. Caroline Pires

    Caroline Pires

    27 giorni fa

    The best character at all. I love Castiel. 💙🙏🏻😇

  24. Lex Luthor

    Lex Luthor

    27 giorni fa

    That fbi and waiting in the highway scenes will forever be the funniest scenes in the series

  25. Aahna Roy

    Aahna Roy

    27 giorni fa

    Am I ready to watch Cas possibly die? NO

  26. Tree Tree

    Tree Tree

    27 giorni fa

    Back when the show should of ENDED :(

  27. Lygar X

    Lygar X

    27 giorni fa

    and that is why he was the one angel that fit in the most with the winchesters. the weirdest humans on earth.

  28. Eddie Sithole

    Eddie Sithole

    27 giorni fa

    Castiel,Crowley & Lucifer Made the Show Better🔥

  29. joshfactor1


    27 giorni fa

    i can't believe they tried to kill off cass twice when he's clearly one of the best parts of the series. we're really going to miss him

  30. Hermy Own

    Hermy Own

    27 giorni fa

    Is this promo for the special "long road home"?

  31. Trình 11a2 50 Mr.

    Trình 11a2 50 Mr.

    27 giorni fa

    Of any version in multiverse this castiel rebel dont litsen to order

  32. Sali Santos

    Sali Santos

    27 giorni fa

    I believe that he's going to die in the next episode. And also that Dean is going to die at the end. I don't know why, but I feel like it

  33. Sophie


    27 giorni fa

    It seems pretty likely that we'll be watching Cas's death scene next week, but I think it will be a great disservice to the character and to Misha if we don't at least see Cas in some form in the last episode! There will certainly be tears in my house throughout the final 3 episodes!! I'm going to miss this show and this amazing cast so damn much!!!

  34. Jackson7963 Mi nombre parece inglés xD

    Jackson7963 Mi nombre parece inglés xD

    28 giorni fa

    Why do i feel this like a goodbye?

    • Shannon Shifflett

      Shannon Shifflett

      27 giorni fa

      Because it is?

  35. Ezriela86


    28 giorni fa

    I love him (Misha & Cas) *SO MUCH*! 🥰

  36. Jordan Carson

    Jordan Carson

    28 giorni fa

    I LOVE him so much❤️😌

  37. She sucked my dick And he licked my balls

    She sucked my dick And he licked my balls

    28 giorni fa

    Poor cass has been weak and wingless for too long and it’s sad we will never see him powerful ever again.

  38. Tom and Dee Sullivan

    Tom and Dee Sullivan

    28 giorni fa

    fallen kingdom

  39. Supergirl 67

    Supergirl 67

    28 giorni fa

    I love Cass! ❤️ He may be awkward, but he's also adorable. After all, that's where Jack gets it from! 😁 ❤️💛💚💙💜

  40. Holly M

    Holly M

    28 giorni fa

    This makes me wish all of the angels were about as awkward as Cas is😂 but he would be the Supreme Awkward Angel

  41. NinjaPiece


    28 giorni fa

    That's something that bothered me. The other angels act too human.

    • Dylan Cole

      Dylan Cole

      23 giorni fa

      I think it's hilarious, makes his character stand out, makes it significant. He wouldn't have stuck around for as long as he did or became a regular if that's not the way things had unfolded. The fact that many of the angels made fun of his awkwardness, pointed out his loyalty to the Winchesters and basically just constantly chided him for messing shit up constantly is kind of funny. " the angel with the crack in his chest" love it. I'm angry that he's gonna die in the next episode but I hope it's a damn good one because a wimpy death would just make me angrier.

  42. S8N


    28 giorni fa

    He’s awkward cause he got a mind wipe every other Millenium.

  43. cookiesncream789


    28 giorni fa

    I miss Castiel's hilarious one liners from the earlier seasons! He's my favourite. 😍

  44. Sara Cornell

    Sara Cornell

    28 giorni fa

    👼🏼Misha collins gave us 11 years of castiel and he definitely portrayed this character so brilliantly👏🏻

  45. Alexandre Henrique

    Alexandre Henrique

    28 giorni fa

    isn't this series ended?

    • Shannon Shifflett

      Shannon Shifflett

      27 giorni fa

      In less than a month your statement posted here will be accurate. But as of the time posting it, no. Three episodes left.

  46. Robert Rosales

    Robert Rosales

    28 giorni fa

    It’s okay Castiel, we still love you

  47. Ilyas Nawaaz

    Ilyas Nawaaz

    28 giorni fa

    I gotta admit episode 17 blew my mind. All of a sudden it was go time and soo much happened in the space of 5 minutes.

  48. Adyasha Nayak

    Adyasha Nayak

    28 giorni fa

    I am having 'emotions' with this season

  49. Nicolas Dubousquet

    Nicolas Dubousquet

    28 giorni fa

    *the evolution of Castiel is very surprising at the very beginning he was part of the elite of the army of heaven next to God and then he changed sides to be with the Winchester brothers to permanently destroy God and in this last season he will do his last fight*

  50. voxxy85


    28 giorni fa

    My heart will break if Cas dies. I wanted them to have the ending that Dean wanted. The 3 of them with their toes in the sand and a couple of drinks😪

    • Melissa Jane

      Melissa Jane

      22 giorni fa

      Me too 😢 not even happened and I'm already welling up

    • jacob harris

      jacob harris

      23 giorni fa

      You mean fifith time🤣🤣😎

  51. DD


    28 giorni fa


  52. The-LittleFangirl


    28 giorni fa


    • gfrost media

      gfrost media

      27 giorni fa

      Spare me Your contempt Castiel the Self Hating angel of Thursday🤣🤣🤣🙌🏽

  53. jackie hansen

    jackie hansen

    28 giorni fa

    I love cas. I think he’s hilarious

  54. akfmish


    28 giorni fa

    best angel and character. i take no criticism

  55. Frank Barrie

    Frank Barrie

    28 giorni fa

    Cass has been my fav ever since he was introduced. I'm so upset that he not even in the last 2 episodes and that the next episode is his last. And cuz of covid a bunch of cameos got scrapped from the end, so i doubt he even gona show up just to show him one last time after/at the end

    • Ru D

      Ru D

      27 giorni fa

      Why the heck would you give us spoilers 😟

    • JJMeister


      27 giorni fa

      @sauce really hope it isn't true...Castiel deserves a major Archangel upgrade😭

    • sauce


      27 giorni fa

      @JJMeister with this being released + the handprint on dean's shoulder for the next episode + the fact he's not in the final 2 episodes' cast lists, it's pretty obvious he's dying next week :/

    • JJMeister


      28 giorni fa

      Wait has it been confirmed that he's dying?

  56. daniel


    28 giorni fa

    They destroyed Castiel ..

  57. Vinay S

    Vinay S

    28 giorni fa

    Misha Collins has nailed the character as Castiel.. he’s done a terrific job

  58. TaterTotsandChocolate


    28 giorni fa

    I loved the first three seasons but the show really felt complete once cass/misha came on. 🤍

  59. Mydebby Toohot

    Mydebby Toohot

    28 giorni fa

    Hey y'all I love dis show

  60. Ilahmae Cunanan

    Ilahmae Cunanan

    28 giorni fa

    I’m gonna miss this show so much

  61. 김성빈


    28 giorni fa

    Definitely J2M's Supernatural's not just TV Show.. It's Life, Love, Happiness, Resurrection, Redemption, Everything 😢 Because Jensen & Jared & Misha's journey's much more better than anything 😭

  62. 김성빈


    28 giorni fa

    Apparently Misha's Angel Castiel's always most wonderful & Gorgeous, and Best of Best Angel ever in the Universe. . Past, Present, Future.. never doesn't change ! So Misha as Castiel is Eric Kripke's Greatest & Excellent idea.

    • RamazanH


      28 giorni fa

      Reading this gave me covid

  63. eva fox

    eva fox

    28 giorni fa

    it all started with a handprint and it will end with a handprint

    • Christine


      17 giorni fa

      aged BEAUTIFULLY

    • Tom Bombadil

      Tom Bombadil

      21 giorno fa

      @Callie Ann lmao... 😭 😢

    • Callie Ann

      Callie Ann

      21 giorno fa

      This aged well

    • Holy Trinity

      Holy Trinity

      27 giorni fa

      @Mary Papadopoulou WHY

    • Mary Papadopoulou

      Mary Papadopoulou

      28 giorni fa


  64. jonmel


    28 giorni fa

    So cas is dying next episode with them bringing out this video

    • nico osullivan

      nico osullivan

      15 giorni fa

      Damn... they really did that huh

    • A


      21 giorno fa

      @Frank Barrie how do we know he isn’t in the final 2?:(

    • abandon hope all ye who enter here

      abandon hope all ye who enter here

      28 giorni fa

      @Frank Barrie i doubt he won't be in the final episode

    • Frank Barrie

      Frank Barrie

      28 giorni fa

      @abandon hope all ye who enter here I wish they wouldn't, but Cass/misha isnt in the last 2 episodes, so unfortunately next episode is his last

    • abandon hope all ye who enter here

      abandon hope all ye who enter here

      28 giorni fa

      They better not

  65. Amy Victoria

    Amy Victoria

    28 giorni fa

    His real voice🤣🤣after so many years,I still can't with it,😂😂

    • She sucked my dick And he licked my balls

      She sucked my dick And he licked my balls

      28 giorni fa

      It’s his Lucifer voice.

  66. Sharing66


    28 giorni fa

    Good boy cass

  67. Spn2005 Lutvali

    Spn2005 Lutvali

    28 giorni fa

    Man I am gonna miss this show

  68. garcia adrian

    garcia adrian

    28 giorni fa

    Today is date of cartoon episode Archie weird mystery episodes attack of 50 foot Veronica

  69. Aya !

    Aya !

    28 giorni fa

    😅 the hell

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