The Blacklist Season 8 Promo (HD)

Red directs the Task Force to investigate Roanoke, a legendary criminal who orchestrates elaborate extractions. Meanwhile, Liz works to hatch a secret plan with her mother, Katarina Rostova (guest star Laila Robins). Subscribe to tvpromosdb on ITput for more The Blacklist season 8 promos in HD!
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  1. Gilles L

    Gilles L

    6 ore fa

    Is anyone able to find me a theory explaining all these facts : Red has burned mark on his back, Dembe says Red not to lie to Elizabeth when he confirms her that he is her father, Red loves Liz like his daughter, Red seems to know Dom really well as if they were a part of the same family, Red kisses passionately Katarina when he met her in Paris, Katarina says Red was important for her in the past, Mr Kaplan and Naomi call Red as "Raymond" even in private, Red really seems to love Naomi and Jennifer, Red says to Liz that Maddy Toliver is not her mother even when he knows that Liz and katarina are in touch, Red doesn't want to save Katarina's life even if he seems to love her, Alexander Kirk refuses to kill Red and disappears when Red whispered him something in the ear... If the production is able to explain all of that without mistake, it will be the best scenario construction ever...

  2. Margarita Vidal

    Margarita Vidal

    2 giorni fa

    Elizabeth is the stupidest character and it's making the show exhausting. Thank god for James Spader. He's the one keeping the show alive. Her constant betrayal yo Red and then when shit gets out of hand running back to him is so annoying. Spader is basically the reason the rest have a paycheck. Without him, this shit show would've been cancelled long time ago. Elizabeth is like a lost dog. That character has nothing to it. Shell follow everyone just yo betray Reddington. She saw psycho cop murder Tom, and she was like yeah, let me team up with the bitch defending him and send him to dead row. Backstabbing idiot. And then asking Dembe to lie to red.... That character straight up suuuuuucks

  3. Antonis Pink floyd

    Antonis Pink floyd

    3 giorni fa

    Sorry boys and girls..but it's a stupid third season i stopped.... better looking the bachelor ...

  4. SweetOne always

    SweetOne always

    5 giorni fa

    Yooo I love that everyone agrees with me on disliking Liz ... ugh! She makes my blood boil. She’s like trying to find ways to hate red like what? And all he does is protect her ugh!



    7 giorni fa

    To all the people blaming Liz What exactly do you want her to do Put yourself in her shoes I'm not saying Red is the bad person but I wouldn't blame Liz either She had no choice Red didn't tell her the truth...she has been caught in the middle for years She was caught between choosing her mother and red And all she ever wanted was the truth....Red wasn't ready to give it to her and her mum was so she chose her mum It's that simple Even though it might have being a bad decision to us the watchers..... putting this situation in reality I don't blame her at all The fact that you like Red's character doesn't mean you should overlook some nonsense he has done so far She has lost people she loves in her life like her adopted father killed by red and Tom for the secret and still red isn't willing to tell her So I don't blame her at all And some of y'all are saying she doesn't even know if the woman claiming to be her mother is actually her knows Liz was in contact with her mother and red knows Liz thinks she is her he should have told her that that is not her real if we find out the woman was pretending to be Liz's mother and red knew about it..... it's Red's fault Y'all are so quick to judge her just because Red is your fav character...he is mine too but I see the truth here Red is not being transparent Liz is caught in the middle and has lost loved ones in her life because a man just decided to enter her life 7years ago She was caught in a place where she had to choose between knowing the truth and trusting someone who wouldn't tell her the truth Even before she betrayed the taskforce she asked Red for the last time "what did the woman who kidnapped you in Paris want"...he still didn't tell her She did everything she could You think she's happy betraying her friends??? If y'all were in this same position you. Would do exactly what Elizabeth is doing right now So stop being hypocrites because you like Red's character Red might be right at the end But I don't blame Liz at this point for going against him...she had given him every benefit of the doubt Even on e time Donald told her they should investigate red she said she likes how things are now that she is not interested in who he was she's only interested in who he was the arrival of Katarina that changed everything again cos Red wasn't still being transparent And y'all saying Blacklist is going back and forth with the Liz betrayed red has happened only once in the entire show...and that was the time when she outed him to the cops so she could have time to find out who he really was She wasn't really doing it out of hatred..even denver and red understood her point This is the only time Liz is really angry with Red So Blacklist doesn't use that plot often Stop talking trash If you don't like the show stop watching it

  6. Iteba Dickson

    Iteba Dickson

    8 giorni fa

    Please we need Baz back in the show

  7. Andrija Pavić

    Andrija Pavić

    8 giorni fa

    Who else thinks that Red is #2 and Liz is #1 on 'the blacklist'?

  8. Iteba Dickson

    Iteba Dickson

    9 giorni fa

    Now that Katarina is dead Liz is gonna team up with Ressler to bring Red down

  9. ikeme Shitshow

    ikeme Shitshow

    10 giorni fa

    I hate agreeing with everyone in the comments but the truth is the show is getting really repetitive. It’s just corny now

  10. Arielly Cristina

    Arielly Cristina

    10 giorni fa


  11. cherry316316


    11 giorni fa

    A great step in the magic world is to know when to release the tension or reveal. This show now looks like is just using the secret of Red forever. Now if Red is anything less of Abraham Lincoln or Putin himself, I feel it is not worth it. In Season 4 we learned Red is not really Red and now Season 8.

  12. K A

    K A

    11 giorni fa

    I’ve been waiting for them to kill off Liz since season 1 but I’ll never get that wish

  13. Xx


    12 giorni fa

    I hope liz is leaving this show

  14. Anubhav Singh

    Anubhav Singh

    13 giorni fa

    *Random situation exists* liz: i am gonna make a very bad decision and then cry about it...

  15. Maru AJ

    Maru AJ

    13 giorni fa

    🖤📃🥰 I love Reddington

  16. Haikal Noor

    Haikal Noor

    14 giorni fa

    I hope Liz stop being a stubborn bitch in the end

  17. Giannis Mpax

    Giannis Mpax

    15 giorni fa

    Is the best series ever

  18. Juan Felipe

    Juan Felipe

    15 giorni fa

    Anybody notice when Raymond talk he always move his head a lot, how he cant get dizzy of those movement, he looks like those toy dog on the taxi's LoL

  19. Tsmk


    16 giorni fa

    So im feelin a lil voulnerable



    16 giorni fa

    This show has gone to $hit in the last few seasons. The woke messages, anti-gun agenda, and keen being the next captain marvel is absolutely disappointing.

  21. Felipe F1nn

    Felipe F1nn

    17 giorni fa

    Liz is suposed to be smart, and badass, I hope she comes around...



    17 giorni fa

    Umm team Liz obviously. She's always been about the truth. And Reddington insists on hiding the truth. He's wrong. And she doesn't have to do much to prove that. Katarina isn't hiding the truth. Reddington is. All Liz wants is the truth (she's an FBI agent, it's what they all seek. especially for justice) so she's obviously gonna side with the one who ISN'T hiding the truth from her ( which is Katarina)

  23. Big Dub

    Big Dub

    18 giorni fa

    Idk about anyone else but I miss the time where Liz was on the run & Her & Red were working together & they got along so well. They’d be a perfect team.

  24. l_mcbeautiful


    18 giorni fa

    Liz is so ANNOYING! Anyway, can someone please explain how Raymond isn't her father though it was proven via a DNA test? (What did I miss?) And who's bones were in the suitcase?

  25. santthosh v p

    santthosh v p

    18 giorni fa

    Two reasons to watch this show... 1. Red 2. Dembe Only reason not to watch this show 1. Liz

    • santthosh v p

      santthosh v p

      14 giorni fa

      @Juan Felipe yes Red can trust his life on Dembe .

    • Juan Felipe

      Juan Felipe

      15 giorni fa

      I love Dembe he is so honest

  26. A


    18 giorni fa

    Liz fucking sucks

  27. Blaine Sider

    Blaine Sider

    18 giorni fa

    pretty much gave up the whole episode with this trailer lmfao

  28. Андрей Жовтовский

    Андрей Жовтовский

    19 giorni fa

    7 season was the weakest. Hope 8 will be not.

  29. sebas de groot

    sebas de groot

    19 giorni fa

    Liz should’ve stayed dead

  30. Joe Mama

    Joe Mama

    19 giorni fa

    Reddington is the only reason why I watch this show and I'll be rooting for him AND ONLY FOR HIM. Period.

  31. Ziqvy


    19 giorni fa

    Cant waittt

  32. MonoElm


    19 giorni fa

    Elizabeth Keen may just go down in history as the dumbest character in TV history. I still plan on watching this season, but the love is gone. The constant back and forth with her has been played too many times. Now it just seems asinine.

  33. Katherin Vega

    Katherin Vega

    20 giorni fa

    God, I hate Elizabeth. Hasn’t she learned that every time she betrays Red he proves her wrong? So over her right now... And now I’m starting to think Red is the real Raymond Reddington. Yes, they say he died, but do we really believe that?

  34. OMG Ashish YT

    OMG Ashish YT

    20 giorni fa

    All time same drama from liz but love to see Red in screen

  35. Giddeon Lazarus

    Giddeon Lazarus

    20 giorni fa

    I hope they don't do the weird PS2 CGI thing again

  36. Labelle Vitien

    Labelle Vitien

    20 giorni fa

    Just watched the first episode and boy am I upset with Liz. Like yo how is it she's a profiler again? Red has always been straight with her and he always told her somethings are his. Am hoping she's only pretending to be on her mother's side coz..........🤡 if not Red off the bitch already

  37. Dr.Shahid Abdulkhader

    Dr.Shahid Abdulkhader

    20 giorni fa

    Oh my reymond reddington

  38. H


    20 giorni fa

    Best Show On TV

  39. Hobby/ HobbyGamerTV

    Hobby/ HobbyGamerTV

    20 giorni fa

    Is it out yet?

  40. Rojae Davis

    Rojae Davis

    20 giorni fa

    Lol. I can already sense the plot armor. I mean, you expect me to believe Liz is Red's biggest threat? She can't even walk down a straight road and chew bubblegum without Red having to save her ass 😂

  41. fialee8 CA

    fialee8 CA

    20 giorni fa

    My gosh, a bag of rocks looks like Mensa when compared to Liz. Her IQ is lower than the number of digits on someone's hand, and her co-workers are even less.

  42. Ahmad Anwar

    Ahmad Anwar

    20 giorni fa

    the only can beat reds talk is stone cold steve austin

  43. Dmitry Mostov [c0de7hack]

    Dmitry Mostov [c0de7hack]

    20 giorni fa

    Подожду пока 4й от TVShow появится..

  44. Dr. Stan Edwards

    Dr. Stan Edwards

    20 giorni fa

    1 like and I will make petition to get Liz killed off the show!

  45. Александр Такваров

    Александр Такваров

    21 giorno fa

    Элизабет та еще дура.

  46. Alisha Hey

    Alisha Hey

    21 giorno fa

    I really, really, really, hope we get to know who Red is and why he does everything for Liz...and a lovestory with Liz and Ressler

  47. ye yuan

    ye yuan

    21 giorno fa

    A shit show lasting for 8 seasons?

  48. Денис Багров

    Денис Багров

    21 giorno fa

    Чет как то затянули уже. Пора бы и заканчивать

  49. Reyanna Madray

    Reyanna Madray

    21 giorno fa

    Omg i cant wait......... i really hope ressler and keen end up together

  50. Wanna- Know

    Wanna- Know

    21 giorno fa

    I thought she was gonna act like she was with her and not betray Reddington but she never learns bruh 😑😐

  51. Kristinarayart


    21 giorno fa

    Auch :D Can't wait!

  52. Sam Huntsman

    Sam Huntsman

    21 giorno fa

    Can’t wait.

  53. Nicolas Mansilla

    Nicolas Mansilla

    21 giorno fa

    Liz has to stop. Reddington was always there for her, who cares what happened in the past? Also, siding up with Katarina? Yeah, that's totally not gonna kick her in the butt

  54. You see what i did there

    You see what i did there

    21 giorno fa

    Oh yeaahhh!

  55. Hawa Ali

    Hawa Ali

    21 giorno fa

    Wait Red is not her father ???

  56. The Rambler

    The Rambler

    21 giorno fa

    Liz vs Red This is gonna be epic. Although let's be honest, she's not really gonna kill him.

  57. veysel varıcı

    veysel varıcı

    22 giorni fa

    Music ?? Name please..

  58. Guido Meyer

    Guido Meyer

    22 giorni fa

    Stop watching. Liz is too stupid, to arrogant, to annoing. No more fun to follow, quit at season four already...

  59. Ayda Abu

    Ayda Abu

    22 giorni fa

    I'm still struggling in season 5 guys. Wish me luck.

  60. Matthias F

    Matthias F

    22 giorni fa


  61. logan jems mendel

    logan jems mendel

    22 giorni fa

    Now she wants to take him down again. Isnt this getting a little bit old.

  62. Felipe Hernandez

    Felipe Hernandez

    22 giorni fa

    Is dembe still alive I am the real Raymond redington

  63. N M

    N M

    22 giorni fa

    hope they change the alina character.

  64. Akhiem Spence

    Akhiem Spence

    22 giorni fa


  65. Saeed Ghaemi

    Saeed Ghaemi

    22 giorni fa

    Hi, I follow the series from Iran. It is really great. Thank you to the director and writer of this series

  66. Rida Farouk

    Rida Farouk

    23 giorni fa

    I am in saison 6, i am really enjoying myself right now

  67. Earlygirl


    23 giorni fa

    If you watch closely, you see in first season Reds back is burned badly. In the 6th season you see Kat and Illya talking about pulling Red from the fire. I believe he is the real Reddington. Pretending to be someone else, pretending to be him to keep him safe since he has all the secrets. Like Harold says how can he know things about the real Reddington unless he was actually there. I believe he survived the gun shot to the chest and was only knocked out. Kat and Illya left him there. We have seen him come back from things that should have killed him. I am so over Liz. She sided with the wrong one. Kat is a traitor. To both countries. That whole I don't know why the Townsend is after me is bull. She knows exactly why. She is playing Liz. Liz wants answers so bad she will blindly follow a woman who she doesn't actually know if she's her mother or not just so she can fell like she is getting some where. Why didn't she get a DNA test to find out if she really was her mother? Doesn't she know that people aren't who they say they are... How stupid. I am so irritated with her. Obviously there is a reason everyone has done what they have to get rid of her. I don't feel like this woman can be trusted. I definitely do not feel like Kat is the bad ass assassin she is made out to be.

  68. Damien Sabo

    Damien Sabo

    23 giorni fa

    Cant wait for this and cant stand that liz she needs gone

  69. funnybakedpotato


    23 giorni fa

    The only thing that could prove red is the real red is if he has a gunshot wound from 4 yr old liz and an explaination for the bones of red.

    • funnybakedpotato


      17 giorni fa

      @Earlygirl yeah but it seem like everything will be revealed this friday (saturday for me because I live in a different time zone)

    • Earlygirl


      17 giorni fa

      @funnybakedpotato No he had no reason to fake it however where is the orginal Red's DNA make up saved to is what I am wondering. In the first episode Red's finger prints matched the ones in archive from his military days, how could he have faked those? they did good with the twists and stuff.

    • funnybakedpotato


      21 giorno fa

      @Earlygirl yah I hope he's not dead

    • Earlygirl


      21 giorno fa

      Dude, I just watched in the very first episode, just wasting time, and Ressler confirmed he had matching prints. How did that happen? Now I am really confused. LOL

    • Earlygirl


      21 giorno fa

      @funnybakedpotato Can not wait to see what happens in season 8. What if we are all wrong. Who knows. I am so excited!!

  70. 宇文玉京


    23 giorni fa


  71. On a Farm with a Chocolate Labrador Named Aspen

    On a Farm with a Chocolate Labrador Named Aspen

    23 giorni fa

    Oh another Liz easily being fooled to turn on red, only for him to save her again How many times have they done this storyline ? I’ve honestly lost count

  72. Grace


    23 giorni fa

    oh Liz. You never learn do you ?

  73. morgana l.

    morgana l.

    23 giorni fa

    OMG! What an idiotic character... I'm talking about Liz Keen of course!?. What's wrong with her? I'd trust Red forever.

  74. iRoyalCoconut


    23 giorni fa


  75. MikkyLan Pemi

    MikkyLan Pemi

    23 giorni fa

    Team Red for life! 💯

  76. Anton


    23 giorni fa

    so im confused, why does she trust her mom she just met instead of red that has been by her side for years, and every time proved that he loves her. yea sure he lied and didnt tell stuff, but it was for her own good

  77. sonic 988

    sonic 988

    23 giorni fa


  78. Luka Pogorelz

    Luka Pogorelz

    23 giorni fa

    I feel bad for James Spader. Liz isn't just annoying, her character is so poorly written that sometimes I wonder what the writers are smoking.

  79. BonzoDog67 Lizardking

    BonzoDog67 Lizardking

    23 giorni fa

    Darth Spader strikes again!

  80. Bigby Wolf

    Bigby Wolf

    24 giorni fa

    OH SHIIIIIII Elizabeth Keen the final name on the blacklist i can dream right? i dont think they have the balls for that

  81. xi ips2_16_ heissel nicholas pramoedya

    xi ips2_16_ heissel nicholas pramoedya

    24 giorni fa

    I feel bad for red's back carrying the show

    • Earlygirl


      23 giorni fa


  82. kristen louise

    kristen louise

    24 giorni fa

    Why are they turning Liz against red yet again? It’s getting old

    • Earlygirl


      23 giorni fa

      Cause here mommy's there... LOL I bet she is going to bring so much misery upon Liz unlike she has never seen before. She will wish for simpler times like when her husband was murdered.

  83. Andrew Smith

    Andrew Smith

    24 giorni fa

    This show is like scooby doo. Cant believe its still going. ...trash

  84. Mon Nat

    Mon Nat

    24 giorni fa

    Liz is so stupid, I was sad when she died in season 3, but then when she came back and started talkin and being fond of Kirk, i was hopping that it was all a dream and she was still dead

  85. John Willian

    John Willian

    24 giorni fa

    there is two women i hate most on tv show. 1.Skyler White from Breaking Bad and 2.fucking Liz from this Blacklist.

  86. John Willian

    John Willian

    24 giorni fa

    am i the only one who wanna slap liz face?

  87. Mohammad AbdulRahman

    Mohammad AbdulRahman

    24 giorni fa

    James Spader performance is what makes this show worth

  88. issamike


    24 giorni fa

    Oh shit let's goooo

  89. emy Imene

    emy Imene

    25 giorni fa

    Liz is a bi****

  90. Hash


    25 giorni fa

    Liz always getting on my nerves

  91. arthurspooner


    25 giorni fa

    im watchin the series because of the acting of james spader AND harry lennix!

    • Chia_ra Saydun

      Chia_ra Saydun

      25 giorni fa

      Don't Forget Diego Klattenhoff (Ressler) and before Ryan Eggold (Tom), Kaplan, Dom, Alan Fitch... They're all fantastic actors !

  92. Kemo Gebarty

    Kemo Gebarty

    25 giorni fa

    what? it's no longer on netflix?

  93. Christen Gumbi

    Christen Gumbi

    25 giorni fa

    I’ll be watching for James spader... as for Liz I’d be happy if she faked her death and disappeared like she wanted in season 4... God forbid...Who cares who he is?? She is just annoying and making it seem like she is entitled to the truth when she isn’t at all...

  94. Aaron Lall

    Aaron Lall

    25 giorni fa

    Red has cerebral edema watch season 7 more carefully and like if I am right last episode see for yourself !!!!!!

  95. John Vanderbeck

    John Vanderbeck

    25 giorni fa

    Really hate this character change. So out of character for Liz to do this and the only reason I'm still with this show is James Spader.

  96. Thomas Vicanek-Santaguida

    Thomas Vicanek-Santaguida

    26 giorni fa

    Elizabeth is no. 1 on the blacklist

  97. Chia_ra Saydun

    Chia_ra Saydun

    26 giorni fa

    A new season... again and again, more and more centred on Liz... The producers will never learn... This has become exausting to watch. Bring us the old Blacklist spirit and the old badass Red or cancel the show already ! But don't make us wait months and months, craving for improvement, for more and more mediocrity

  98. Margareth Sueli de Assis

    Margareth Sueli de Assis

    26 giorni fa

    QDO começará no Brasil a 8 temporada????

  99. Mickey Preston

    Mickey Preston

    26 giorni fa

    Cant wait for season 8 to come

  100. Al Yi

    Al Yi

    26 giorni fa

    Please kill off elizabeth

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